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ARC/PLC Deadline is March 31

The deadline for updating yields and reallocation of base acres on farms has been extended to March 31st. This is a onetime opportunity to bring yields on crops closer to the yields you may actually be producing on your farms. The owner of the farm will need to certify to the yield for crops that were produced on the farm during the years 2008-2012.

Owners may also reallocate the base acres to reflect the 2009-2012 cropping history or retain the existing crop bases on the farm. Base acres are the acres that are used to determine program payments for a farm. They may not be the same as the actual planting on the farm and reflect a history of the crops produced on the farm many years ago. Total base acreage on a farm cannot be increased, only reallocated.

March 31 is also the deadline for producers on the farm to elect which option in which they wish to participate in for the years 2014-2018. The Price Loss Coverage (PLC) option offers price protection while Agricultural Risk Coverage County (ARC-CO) offers revenue protection based on the County averages. ARC-CO and PLC payments will also be calculated on 85% of your base acreage.

** Failure to make an election by March 31 will result in the loss of any potential 2014 payments and a default to the PLC option for that farm. **

Please call your local FSA Office if you would like to make an appointment for your ARC/PLC Election(s).


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